Notes Nov 19

Ken Murchison murch at
Mon Nov 19 21:30:16 EST 2018

Present: ellie, Bron, Robert, Ken, Partha, Rik

* we shouldn't allow \NoSelect mailboxes - causes JMAP issues: always 
create parents where needed; don't allow deleting a parent
* we need to implement shared locks for cyrusdb interface.  we already 
have some of the needed APIs
* will fix JMAP savedDates vs addedDates typo

* working on JMAP Quota extension
* also working through existing JMAP issues
* issue 2576 should be fixed on master, but requires a conversations.db 
rebuild - backout commit that caused the cross-mailbox search issue 
until conversations rebuilds are done

* no report

* will annouce SASL 2.1.27 tonight or tomorrow
* working on mbpath-by-id.  96% of Cassandane tests pass.  still working 
through RENAME issues. most of the other failures are hard-coded path issues

* no report

Ken Murchison
Cyrus Development Team
FastMail US LLC

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