FastMail feature planning discussion

James Cassell fedoraproject at
Wed May 31 19:49:31 EDT 2017

On Tue, May 30, 2017, at 08:39 PM, Anatoli wrote:
> Also, I'm not sure if it's covered under "sieve extensions?", in 
> February Ken was about to make some changes to Sieve parser and was 
> asking the community (subject "Cyrus Sieve futures") about any requests 
> for standard extensions. "imapsieve" (RFC6785) was proposed, that would 
> allow (among other things) to run Sieve rules on already received emails 
> (lack of this feature IMO is the only disadvantage of Sieve vs 
> client-side rules). Do you have any status for this work? Any plans on 
> implementing that particular RFC?

I'm also interested in this imapsieve support.  Unfortunately,  I don't have any time to implement it myself at this time.

James Cassell

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