Meeting minutes May 29

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon May 29 08:47:59 EDT 2017

Present: Bron, Ellie, Nic, Nicola, Partha, Robert

* set FastMail Cyrus priorities for 2017/2018 together with team (shared
on mailing list)
* pushed fixed for -O1 compilation (still issues with Cassandane),
worked on init script for RedHat
* will further look into calalarmd missing alarms issue

* helped jasontibbitts to get Cassandane working on Fedora
* fixed misc bugs from mailing list

* reviewed Nicola's doc restructuring
* followed up misc mailing list requests

* worked on Cassandane tests, currently following up with ellie and
* worked on Cyrus static builds, remove references to librt and other
* worked together with chris on integration with Github,
ongoing for this week

Robert S:
* update JMAP mail to latest spec changes
* fix attachment names, currently working on edge cases for
long/non-ASCII file-names
* prepare TC API docs for CalConnect (JSEventGroup, VTODO)


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