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Mon May 29 08:03:33 EDT 2017

While this isn't a full "roadmap for the project" this is what some
FastMail staff thought was important to us to focus on in the next
little while.  Here's what we came to.
If there's something you think is important which is NOT in this
list, let us know :)  No promises that we'll schedule our staff time
on it, but we'll help you with code review and tests if you want to
work on anything!

*Short term goals: June** **-** August 2017*

Full JMAP support. What’s left?
 * getMessageListUpdates - brong
 * spec updates
 * sending support (per new spec)
 * push channel for non-FM people
 * efficiency improvements maybe
 * test suite coverage
Global lock / per domain lock / per-user lock options?
 * requested on the list - a different way to do backups. freeze /
   snapshot / unfreezeNew backup tools running in production at FastMail and declared stable
for the world. * Meeting with @ellie at[1] today!
Attachment search
 * Robert S
JMAP calendar and contacts objects
 * Robert S
Good init scripts and packaging for Cyrus so we can point people to it. * Debian / Ubuntu (andre)
 * Redhat / Fedora / CentOS (tibbs)
 * Arch Linux
 * FreeBSD / NetBSD / OpenBSD (?)
 * Joyent / Solaris (?)
 * MacOS ? - need to make it build!
Monitoring : Prom statistics
 * ellie WIP / testing things
Migrating off CMU and SPI/Apereo
 * Bron to do
*Medium term goals: End of 2017*

Improve shared calendaring support.
 * Ken to work on
Per-user notifications.
 * Ken to work on
Event creator vs calendar owner.
 * Ken to work on
Cyrus SASL needs some love
 * Ken to work on 😉 
 * Partha to work on with Bron
Cyrus 3.0 in distro packages. Debian, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, … ?
Usable “clone existing server” tooling - import/export helpers
All Cyrus projects with sphinx docs - sasl, cassandane, … - nicola
*Long term goals: 2018*

Murder improvements. (Why doesn’t FastMail run it and how do we get
there/do we want to?)Calendar availability checking.

Calendaring resource support. Room bookings.
Sieve extensions?
RFC additions? on multiple versions and distros
Simplify/tidy the conversations database
Usable backup tooling shipping with Cyrus
Not having 410 “open issues” in GitHub  - DONE!

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  brong at


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