Meeting minutes May 22nd

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon May 22 09:14:48 EDT 2017

Present: Ken, Partha, ellie, Nicola, Bron, Robert, Leena

We really should make ourselves an agenda for these things!  Here's what we talked about in rough order...

* while in Pittsburgh chatted with Cyrus Daboo about per-user alarms on calendar events.
* Cyrus suggested storing it all in the event and stripping it on FETCH
* downside is per-user exceptions if a user changes just a single alarm
* Ken thinks VPATCH as ANNOTATIONS makes sense for us
* foreach 

* has been doing work on Annotations branch, lots to push to master.
* deprecated ANNOTATEMORE - including cyradm fixes
* tiny JMAP fix today
* working on calalarmdb and rescheduling instances of VEVENTs - there's clearly a bug in there somewhere, FastMail users not moving due to events that haven't run properly, and a user report too.  Working on tests to find the cause.
* working on docs for TC-API.  Currently working on Calendar Event wrapper - same as JMAP calendar - for publishing webcal, etc.
* doing for Calendar Wrapper first, then JMAP wrapper for VTODO if time before calconnect
* Attachment search - not sure what to do...
* Bron suggested - index attachments in a separate channel so that message search data becomes available fast, attachments later if the engine is down.
* Will see if we can do two snippet fetches over JMAP, one for snippets that don't include attachment data, and a separate one for attachment snippets which might be very slow. 

* been working on some misc bugs from list/github
* sketching out a prototype of prometheus metrics (which will make robn happy)

* Mostly been doing trivial patches in Cyrus and spending time with ellie and Nicola trying to soak up as much info as possible!
* Still struggling with Cassandane tests - haven't finished on a bug because of that.
* Meanwhile sent patches which are being reviewed and merged!
* Fortify plus O1 is killing Cyrus, slow progress on looking at compiling with it.
* Aborting in multiple places with O1, will send report tomorrow.

* been ages since I worked on Cyrus, last time was the Perl modules years ago, just trying to work out what's going on
* waiting for RHEL7 builds to arrive
* is the 3.0 administration still scriptable with perl? - yes
* wondering what's happened with the Kolab builds
* have already been using / for separator, so defaults in 3.0 will be good :)  Nicola says update docs cover the things that have changed.

(aside on cyrus packages)
* Partha will contact Jeroen and tibbs to ask what's happening with packages.
* Bron - would like to get continuous integration builds also building SRPM/deb-src packages for common distros or operating systems that we can get a build environment for and make sure packages can be built from our tree at any time.
* Leena - the depencies on 3.0 seemed quite daunting, as rhel7 is quite old now.  Current is rhel 7.3.
* it might shake out build system assumptions since we're all running pretty recent stuff
* with could build on Centos 7 and it should just work. centos7+epel.
* Ken has compiled on RHEL7 at CMU.

* partway through the big doc restructure (again).
* Hoping for a review from NicB before I issue a big PR. But may just go ahead this week anyway.

* no news on finding a new home for Cyrus - haven't done anything sorry.
* haven't had much time for Cyrus this week

Next meeting same time next week.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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