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Daniel Gultsch daniel at
Tue May 30 06:00:28 EDT 2017


sorry for hijacking this post a little bit but I tried the IRC channel but
that seems to be a bit to synchronous for me. (I'm not a regular IRC user
and I can't keep IRC running for a couple of days to wait for an answer)

2017-05-29 14:03 GMT+02:00 Bron Gondwana <brong at>:
> Full JMAP support. What’s left?
> getMessageListUpdates - brong
> spec updates
> sending support (per new spec)
> push channel for non-FM people
> efficiency improvements maybe
> test suite coverage

I'm on-and-off developing a JMAP client library but keep running into
obstacles where I'm not sure if I just miss configured Cyrus or if a
certain feature is known not to work.

Since I don't see it on this list and it's a very basic feature I figured I
just ask here.

I noticed getMailboxUpdates does not return any updates when the number of
unread messages changes. Is this something that's missing on that 'Full
JMAP support' list or is this supposed to work?

Also getMailboxes does not return a different state (id?) when queried
again after the message count has increased.

Looking forward to see sending support by the way.

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