Cyrus Meeting Notes March 28th

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Mar 27 17:22:10 EDT 2017

* has fixed bugs in sieve stuff
* going to working on duplicate stuff next couple of days
* Q: and 3-clause BSD?  Dave talking to CMU in-house legal about it.
* Q: docs?  Not sure anything needs docs, will check what for others.  Mention supported RFCs.
* is joining IETF via video feeds/jabber for some meetings, will be online for JMAP session.

* stunning silence since the 3.0.0 release

* had responses through survey/upgrade notes.  All 3 have had painless upgrade experiences.
* Nic coming out to Australia next week.  Going to take Docathon page, send to list.  See if we can get others onboard.

* in Chicago this week.
* fixes to yesterday
* bug found by with NULL header lookups, which I had already fixed before finding that it was crashing in FM production too!  Yay  Just cherry-picked the fix and away we go.
* conversation splitting ready to go, but screwed up own account because didn't restart both ends.  Since this is a messy transition, will not backport to 3.0, but leave in for 3.1.  Have written lots of Cassandane tests for it, including replication tests.
* added support to cyrus-docker to run specific branch for cassandane too, which will allow us to fork out a 3.0 branch if we totally need to.  Will probably also add support for branches of cyruslibs at some point, since cyruslibs might become incompatible with older versions.
* need to build a docker to test 2.5-stable so we can make fixes.
* working with Neil on slides for JMAP session on Thursday here at IETF.

* ran out of inodes due to not-running cleanup.  Fixed now.
* tests running for both 3.0 branch and master

Next meeting time: 10pm Melbourne (midday UTC) Monday.  Bron not available (in transit), ellie will take notes.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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