Minutes March 21st

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 20 18:56:06 EDT 2017

3.0 release:
* cyrus.works, just one noisy test failing (Metronome)
* ellie and nicola have been chatting about the website shenanigans, and that looks under control
* pending any other issues shaking out from friday's rc, we should be good to go
* xapian repack pushed to master and backported to 3.0
* Is there anywhere else we need to announce 3.0 other than our own mailing lists? no
* JMAP mailing list? (look, here's a mailserver that supports jmap) - sure will be in Chicago next week at IETF too.

* Robert working on adding modseq support to all annotations and adapted sync code to take that into account
* Store modseq into annotations DB, but modseq is only bumped afterwards
* Need to sort out how modseqs will be updated.  First pass we'll just rewrite every time.
* Bron and Robert to chat Wednesday.

Additional people working on Cyrus starting at FastMail - Partha starting in May.  Every time people commit code for Cyrus, also need to commit tests (Cassandane and/or cunit).  We don't have enough Chris for him to write all the tests himself!

Also docs - either update docs yourself or get Nicola to look at documenting things.

Be particularly good for Ken to work on tests for stuff that he's experienced with, since he's written a lot of Cyrus over the years.

Next week's meeting?  Europe changes to daylight savings over the weekend.  Same time UTC next week, then look at changing.  Bron will be traveling for the next two meetings, so will have to see what works.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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