Meeting Minutes March 14th.

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Mon Mar 20 01:32:19 EDT 2017

Sorry these are coming out so late!  Nearly one week later!  I took the draft and then didn't get to cleaning it up.

Ken: nothing to report.  Anything pre-3.0?  Sieve stuff will go in later.  Want to get back to looking at free-busy report stuff.
Thunderbird issue?

Nic: planning to write up docs on HTML page when you go to a calendar address.

Nicola: CalDAV/CardDAV are missing setup documentation.  Need to write up some CalDAV/CardDAV docs

Docs before 3.0?  Key points of difference are documented.  Pretty good upgrade guide.  Changes to defaults are documented.

Even if you've come from a 3.0 pre-release, do a rebuild.

3.0 JMAP Authentication - access tokens with never ending expiry date.  Make configurable expiry dates?  Be good to have the format support it, policy is easier to change later.

Ellie: don't need much more for 3.0 release.  Working on wolfgang's murder thing.  Been busted for ages (including 2.5.x, so not a regression)  Wokring on fixing both 2.5 and 3.0.

Chris: not working on anything actively. hasn't run anything for the past few days.  Maybe because nothing pushed.  Bron - maybe cyruslibs, needs new cmake.  When new person starts we'll want to be able to run tests against multiple branches.

Nic in Melbourne - what to focus on?  Page on github wiki:

Open to wider community.  Add anything you think needs docs and get them added to that page.  Everyone think about what needs to be worked on while Nic is here.

Everyone join in docathon - including programmers!

3.0 final RC: this Friday?  Yep.

Next meeting 8am Melbourne Tuesday and whatever else that adds up to modulo timezone shifts (we're trying to peg to identical UTC time, so that will shift to 7am with daylight saving changes in Australia unless we change meeting time then.


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