Come join in our Docathon!

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Tue Mar 28 00:20:05 EDT 2017

With Cyrus 3.0.0 now released into the wild, we'd like to have you join
us for a *Documentation Hackathon!*

*When*: Monday April 3 - Friday April 14

(We welcome documentation contributions at all times, but the core team
is aiming for a concentrated push in this timeframe)

*Why*: The longevity, adoption and success of an open source project is
often constrained by its documentation. We want to make it easier for
new users to come on board, for existing users to find the information
they need and for developers to more easily contribute.

*Who*: Everyone!

- Do you have particular expertise with deep topics like murder,
  replication, failover? Great.
- Are you a package maintainer? Awesome.

- Are you a user who has particular sections of the documentation you
  think is unclear, or out of date? We want your feedback.
- Never contributed to open source before? No problem: we're here
  to help you.
- English isn't your primary language? We will work with you to prepare
  your information.
- Short on time? We have some small issues needing help.

*Get ready*:

I'll be keeping the wiki up to date as the days go by: if you see
something on there you want to take care, please feel free to edit and
tag your name beside it. Equally, add more items as you find them

Our guide to contributing to the docs:[1]

I'm also happy to take emails and I'll fold them into the documentation.


Talk to us on IRC #cyrus on or via the mailing lists.

Looking forward to your flood of contributions! ;)



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