Xapian partition definition when using archiving?

Nic Bernstein nic at onlight.com
Tue Dec 19 15:32:31 EST 2017

Bron, et al.,
We're about to set up a whole new bunch of partitions in support of 
Xapian indexing, for a 2.5.10-to-3.0.4 upgrade, and then will be 
introducing archive functionality, too.  How do archive partitions and 
Xapian partitions interact?

For example, the server currently has the following in imapd.conf:

    defaultpartition: default
    partition-default: /var/mailstores/default
    metapartition-default: /var/imapmeta/default
    partition-1: /var/mailstores/1
    partition-2: /var/mailstores/2
    partition-3: /var/mailstores/3
    partition-4: /var/mailstores/4
    partition-29: /var/mailstores/29
    partition-30: /var/mailstores/30
    partition-100: /var/mailstores/100
    partition-temp: /var/mailstores/temp
    # non-default metapartitions
    metapartition-1: /var/imapmeta/1
    metapartition-2: /var/imapmeta/2
    metapartition-3: /var/imapmeta/3
    metapartition-4: /var/imapmeta/4
    metapartition-29: /var/imapmeta/29
    metapartition-30: /var/imapmeta/30
    metapartition-100: /var/imapmeta/100
    metapartition-temp: /var/imapmeta/temp

Going by the documentation, which I wrote with help from you good folk 
at Fastmail, the Archive partition scheme might look something like this:

    archivepartition-default: /var/mailarchives/default
    archivepartition-1: /var/mailarchives/1
    archivepartition-2: /var/mailarchives/2
    archivepartition-3: /var/mailarchives/3
    archiveartition-4: /var/mailarchives/4
    archivepartition-29: /var/mailarchives/29
    archivepartition-30: /var/mailarchives/30
    archivepartition-100: /var/mailarchives/100
    archivepartition-temp: /var/mailarchives/temp

And the Xapian partition structure to mate with this would look 
something like this (again, from the docs):

    defaultpartition: default
    partition-default: /var/mailstores/default
    search_index_headers: no
    search_batchsize: 8192
    defaultsearchtier: t1
    1searchtier: t1
    2searchtier: t1
    3searchtier: t1
    4searchtier: t1
    29searchtier: t1
    30searchtier: t1
    100searchtier: t1
    tempsearchtier: t1
    t1searchpartition-default: /var/search/default
    t1searchpartition-1: /var/search/1
    t1searchpartition-2: /var/search/2
    t1searchpartition-3: /var/search/3
    t1searchpartition-4: /var/search/4
    t1searchpartition-29: /var/search/29
    t1searchpartition-30: /var/search/30
    t1searchpartition-100: /var/search/100
    t1searchpartition-temp: /var/search/temp

First question, since there's no examples to work from; Is this Xapian 
layout correct?

Do I need to define & create Xapian partitions for the metadata 
partitions, as is indirectly implied in Bron's original email on this topic:

Also, how do these Xapian and Archive, interact?  Do I need to add a 
separate Xapian partition for each Archive partition, or will the 
Archive partition be treated like a child of the non-Archive partition?  
(again, implied but not directly addressed in that email).

Any guidance gladly accepted, and whatever I learn will be repackaged 
into more complete documentation on same.


Nic Bernstein                             nic at onlight.com
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53213-4073

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