Xapian partition definition when using archiving?

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 20 06:39:08 EST 2017

Hi Nic,

The Xapian partitions are entirely separate from archive partitions.
The indexing code will find the file in the correct location if it needs
to read it.
Here's an example from one of our servers:

defaultpartition: default
defaultsearchtier: temp
partition-default: /mnt/ssd21d2/sloti21d2t40/store254/spool
tempsearchpartition-default: /tmpfs-search/sloti21d2t40
metasearchpartition-default: /mnt/ssd21d2/sloti21d2t40/store254/search
datasearchpartition-default: /mnt/i21d2search/sloti21d2t40/store254/searcharchivesearchpartition-default: /mnt/i21d2search/sloti21d2t40/store254/search-archivearchivepartition-default: /mnt/i21d2t40/sloti21d2t40/store254/spool-archive
(clearly auto-generated!)


On Wed, 20 Dec 2017, at 07:32, Nic Bernstein wrote:
> Bron, et al.,
>  We're about to set up a whole new bunch of partitions in support of
>  Xapian indexing, for a 2.5.10-to-3.0.4 upgrade, and then will be
>  introducing archive functionality, too.  How do archive partitions
>  and Xapian partitions interact?> 
>  For example, the server currently has the following in imapd.conf:
>> defaultpartition: default partition-default: /var/mailstores/default
>> metapartition-default: /var/imapmeta/default partition-1:
>> /var/mailstores/1 partition-2: /var/mailstores/2 partition-3:
>> /var/mailstores/3 partition-4: /var/mailstores/4 ... partition-29:
>> /var/mailstores/29 partition-30: /var/mailstores/30 partition-100:
>> /var/mailstores/100 partition-temp: /var/mailstores/temp ... # non-
>> default metapartitions metapartition-1: /var/imapmeta/1 metapartition-
>> 2: /var/imapmeta/2 metapartition-3: /var/imapmeta/3 metapartition-4:
>> /var/imapmeta/4 ... metapartition-29: /var/imapmeta/29 metapartition-
>> 30: /var/imapmeta/30 metapartition-100: /var/imapmeta/100 metapartition-
>> temp: /var/imapmeta/temp
>>> Going by the documentation, which I wrote with help from you good
> folk at Fastmail, the Archive partition scheme might look something
> like this:> https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/reference/admin/locations/archive-partitions.html>
>> archivepartition-default: /var/mailarchives/default archivepartition-
>> 1: /var/mailarchives/1 archivepartition-2: /var/mailarchives/2 archivepartition-
>> 3: /var/mailarchives/3 archiveartition-4: /var/mailarchives/4 ... archivepartition-
>> 29: /var/mailarchives/29 archivepartition-30: /var/mailarchives/30
>> archivepartition-100: /var/mailarchives/100 archivepartition-temp:
>> /var/mailarchives/temp
>>> And the Xapian partition structure to mate with this would look
> something like this (again, from the docs):> https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/developer/install-xapian.html
>> defaultpartition: default partition-default: /var/mailstores/default
>> search_engine: xapian search_index_headers: no search_batchsize: 8192
>> defaultsearchtier: t1 1searchtier: t1 2searchtier: t1 3searchtier: t1
>> 4searchtier: t1 ... 29searchtier: t1 30searchtier: t1 100searchtier:
>> t1 tempsearchtier: t1 ... t1searchpartition-default:
>> /var/search/default t1searchpartition-1: /var/search/1 t1searchpartition-
>> 2: /var/search/2 t1searchpartition-3: /var/search/3 t1searchpartition-
>> 4: /var/search/4 ... t1searchpartition-29: /var/search/29 t1searchpartition-
>> 30: /var/search/30 t1searchpartition-100: /var/search/100 t1searchpartition-
>> temp: /var/search/temp> First question, since there's no examples to work from; Is this Xapian
> layout correct?> 
>  Do I need to define & create Xapian partitions for the metadata
>  partitions, as is indirectly implied in Bron's original email on
>  this topic:>      https://lists.tartarus.org/pipermail/xapian-discuss/2014-October/009112.html> 
>  Also, how do these Xapian and Archive, interact?  Do I need to add a
>  separate Xapian partition for each Archive partition, or will the
>  Archive partition be treated like a child of the non-Archive
>  partition?  (again, implied but not directly addressed in that
>  email).> 
>  Any guidance gladly accepted, and whatever I learn will be repackaged
>  into more complete documentation on same.> 
>  Cheers,
>      -nic
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