Cyrus meeting minutes December 18th. (2017-12-18)

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Dec 18 06:46:02 EST 2017

Present: Bron, Ellie, Ken, Partha, Robert

- Need index.v14 soon
- Probably we'll also put "Sender" and "Reply-To" headers into
- Object storage is interesting for large Cyrus IMAPd installations,
let's review the features we already have implemented.

- Has another Prometheus patch ready

- Worked on HTTP code. Further HTTP core rework: might want to move TLS
and compression code around.
- Probably also will need to move SASL context.
- Lots of Cyrus code assumes that period character is hierarchy
separator, this will require rework.
- Focus for next CalConnect: sharing issues.

- Worked on zeroskip, making good progress.
- Implemented feature to dump db.
- Currently translating specification draft into more formal spec, for
review by team.

- Calext-workgroup adoption process started for JSCalendar
- Worked on bringing JMAP code up to latest spec.
- Plans to push updated sendmail API in Cyrus IMAPd to master this week.
- Has ideas for JMAP code rewrite, now that spec stabilises. Starting a
proof of concept this week.
- JMAP contacts work starting soon.

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