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Chris Davies chris at fastmail.com
Tue Aug 22 02:15:37 EDT 2017

> * regarding CI - have working setup with cyrus.works, but it has
>   issues with manual work needed for libs update.
Changes pushed to git will be picked up by cyrus.works. Cyrus.works runs
Cyrus docker images[1]. Occasionally these will need to be updated.
Anyone with Git access can do this. I believe these were originally
created by Kolab but I’m happy to maintain the ones we need for
We cache some things that rarely change to improve the build
performance. This brings the build time down from about 34 minutes to
about 15. This cache is automatically cleared once a week.
We had plans to expose the ability to clear that cache via Slack and
those plans have been put on hold while we explore Travis CI.

>   - Relies heavily on Chris right now.
We're working to transfer knowledge to Partha.

>   - many of the scripts are known only to Chris.

What scripts are these?

>   - wants to know if can completely get rid of Jenkins and use Travis
>     completely?
We're currently gathering requirements for Cyrus test infrastructure.
Once we're satisfied with that list we'll see what technology we need
and create a plan.

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017, at 12:47 PM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Present: Bron, Ken, Nicola, Robert, ellie, Partha
> Ken:
> * believes he has all the non-scheduling sharing stuff done
> * just need to do some testing with real clients to make sure what
>   they need to see advertised does get advertised so they know they
>   can write alarms for read-only stuff.> * there are tasks in LP - do they have associated issues?  Nicola -
>   imagine there are placeholders for tracking time.> * Nicola: if something has its own email address, i.e. meeting room -
>   there's no oversight if somebody declines.> * do I need to look at calalarmd?  Probably yes.
> How will we test all this?  Run up a fastmail instance on a testbed
> machine.> 
> * can cassandane run with valgrind?  Yes - but not default.
> * SRS sieve patch from one of the dicerolls, will make sure it
>   applies.  Config options.> 
> Robert:
> * mainly working on JMAP spec updates last week.  They are ready to
>   land on master.> * Need to update Cassandane repository because tests are breaking.
> * Will split 3.0 tests out against 3.1 tests.
> * Also - the Cassandane tests - there are 3 sources of timezone data.
>   Only third option (vzic) is the good one.> * libical database doesn't include GMT timezones.
> * 4th option - bundle our timezone database with source distro.
> * hard on sysadmins - because you have to keep multiple timezone
>   databases updated.  Already a mess, so??? how do we untangle?> * Ken: could create a tool which monitors IANA and pulls down updates
>   and rebuilds?  Maybe, but some people might not want to run it.> * Two decisions: what to do at FastMail vs what to do for upstream
> * from FastMail - it's not a big deal to rebuild cyrus 2-3 times
>   per year.> * Deliberately omitting them in libical right now.  Probably because
>   strictly not an Olson name.> * For now - look at cyruslibs libical and add support for Etc
>   timezones.> 
> * Not totally sure what to work on next.  Will update tomorrow.
> * One of the issues is mailbox selects for unknown files pile up locks
>   in the lock directory.> 
> Partha:
> * mentioning about vagrant earlier.  Couldn't get it working, will
>   talk to robn/marc later this week.> * Will get it running on a cloud instance somewhere.
> * Got it working on desktop at work - it's pretty cool - has a full
>   stack running.> * Last week - a lot of time on something trivial - #2086
> * Trying to debug calendaring issue on Android - customer issue -
>   pairing with Matt (FM support) to understand more of calendars to
>   reproduce.> * Have more information than had last week, so hopefully progress.
> * Have a few more bugs on github working on - will be pairing for Rob
>   later this week for IOERROR bug.> * Spent time with Chris Davies fixing cyrus.works issues.
> * Multi-level docker instance directly exposed to the internet, so
>   lots of workarounds to restrict access.> 
> Nicola:
> * nothing exciting this week - small doc fixes
> * email about changing release structure - does it make sense to
>   everybody?  Yes, everybody fine with it.> * regarding CI - have working setup with cyrus.works, but it has
>   issues with manual work needed for libs update.>   - Relies heavily on Chris right now.
>   - many of the scripts are known only to Chris.
>   - idea is to see if we can get Jenkins working better with existing
>     system, and each have own branches working against Jenkins.>   - some tickets for features - both Chris and Partha will work on
>     them.>   - wants to know if can completely get rid of Jenkins and use Travis
>     completely?>   - One of the goals is to have builds for multiple plaforms, multiple
>     distros, etc.> 
> Bron:
> * nothing exciting this week.
> * dicerolls sent
> ellie:
> * going away for a while - last conf call for a bit.
> * should remove from dicerolls for a bit!
> * sync protocol - closest thing to documentation
> * loving that travis builds and tests all the pull requests.
> * Partha: still need to get cassandane into Travis.
> --
>   Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
>   brong at fastmailteam.com


  1. https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-docker
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