Minutes Aug 21

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmailteam.com
Mon Aug 21 08:47:14 EDT 2017

Present: Bron, Ken, Nicola, Robert, ellie, Partha

* believes he has all the non-scheduling sharing stuff done
* just need to do some testing with real clients to make sure what they
  need to see advertised does get advertised so they know they can write
  alarms for read-only stuff.* there are tasks in LP - do they have associated issues?  Nicola -
  imagine there are placeholders for tracking time.* Nicola: if something has its own email address, i.e. meeting room -
  there's no oversight if somebody declines.* do I need to look at calalarmd?  Probably yes.

How will we test all this?  Run up a fastmail instance on a
testbed machine.
* can cassandane run with valgrind?  Yes - but not default.
* SRS sieve patch from one of the dicerolls, will make sure it applies.
  Config options.
* mainly working on JMAP spec updates last week.  They are ready to land
  on master.* Need to update Cassandane repository because tests are breaking.
* Will split 3.0 tests out against 3.1 tests.
* Also - the Cassandane tests - there are 3 sources of timezone data.
  Only third option (vzic) is the good one.* libical database doesn't include GMT timezones.
* 4th option - bundle our timezone database with source distro.
* hard on sysadmins - because you have to keep multiple timezone
  databases updated.  Already a mess, so??? how do we untangle?* Ken: could create a tool which monitors IANA and pulls down updates
  and rebuilds?  Maybe, but some people might not want to run it.* Two decisions: what to do at FastMail vs what to do for upstream
* from FastMail - it's not a big deal to rebuild cyrus 2-3 times per
  year.* Deliberately omitting them in libical right now.  Probably because
  strictly not an Olson name.* For now - look at cyruslibs libical and add support for Etc timezones.
* Not totally sure what to work on next.  Will update tomorrow.

* One of the issues is mailbox selects for unknown files pile up locks
  in the lock directory.
* mentioning about vagrant earlier.  Couldn't get it working, will talk
  to robn/marc later this week.* Will get it running on a cloud instance somewhere.
* Got it working on desktop at work - it's pretty cool - has a full
  stack running.* Last week - a lot of time on something trivial - #2086
* Trying to debug calendaring issue on Android - customer issue -
  pairing with Matt (FM support) to understand more of calendars to
  reproduce.* Have more information than had last week, so hopefully progress.
* Have a few more bugs on github working on - will be pairing for Rob
  later this week for IOERROR bug.* Spent time with Chris Davies fixing cyrus.works issues.
* Multi-level docker instance directly exposed to the internet, so lots
  of workarounds to restrict access.
* nothing exciting this week - small doc fixes
* email about changing release structure - does it make sense to
  everybody?  Yes, everybody fine with it.* regarding CI - have working setup with cyrus.works, but it has issues
  with manual work needed for libs update.  - Relies heavily on Chris right now.
  - many of the scripts are known only to Chris.
  - idea is to see if we can get Jenkins working better with existing
    system, and each have own branches working against Jenkins.  - some tickets for features - both Chris and Partha will work on them.  - wants to know if can completely get rid of Jenkins and use Travis
    completely?  - One of the goals is to have builds for multiple plaforms, multiple
    distros, etc.
* nothing exciting this week.
* dicerolls sent

* going away for a while - last conf call for a bit.
* should remove from dicerolls for a bit!
* sync protocol - closest thing to documentation
* loving that travis builds and tests all the pull requests.
* Partha: still need to get cassandane into Travis.

  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at fastmailteam.com

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