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Bron Gondwana brong at
Thu Oct 22 23:45:47 EDT 2015

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015, at 13:11, Nicola Nye wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been cleaning up the docs and I think I can remove a Tools and
> Utilities page
> (
> because Nic (onlight) has properly written up all the content elsewhere.
> However I wanted to check before hit the big red delete button, that the
> entries we don't already have documented are safe to be removed.

I don't think anyone uses arbitron any more, though it's still in the source.


Fixes on-disk naming for altnamespace,   Yuck.  Probably bogus.

> cvt_cyrusdb
> cvt_cyrusdb_all

These are pretty much covered by Cyrus doing the convert itself during load
these days.

> cyrdump

really simple backup format.  As far as I can see, there's no inverse that parses them.

> cyr_sequence

debug tool for seqset - but kind of useful for resolving sequences too:

brong at bat:~/src/cyrus-imapd$ /usr/cyrus/bin/cyr_sequence parsed 1,3,4,5
Sections: 2
 [1, 1]
 [3, 5]

brong at bat:~/src/cyrus-imapd$ /usr/cyrus/bin/cyr_sequence compress 1,3,4,5

brong at bat:~/src/cyrus-imapd$ /usr/cyrus/bin/cyr_sequence members 1,23:25,28,30:32

> cyr_userseen

for cleaning up user seen files after an upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4.  Don't know that it's
ever actually been used.

> masssievec - Script to mass compile Sieve scripts

We don't use it, but it might be useful.

> migrate-metadata

Tool for converting to split metadata.  Again, you can do this and it's handy to have.  It's a small
perl script, to the point that I would just write it myself (and have, a couple of times)

> mknewsgroups

News stuff - people still use it.

> rehash

A bigger perl script to deal with changing hashimapspool config.

> translatesieve - script to translate sieve scripts to use unixhierarchysep and/or altnamespace

ANOTHER sieve thing, woot.  Looks like a smarter/more complete version of

> undohash -absolutely ancient (downgrade to prior 1.6.2+), probably
> should be obsoleted entirely
> upgradesieve - absolutely ancient (upgrade from 1.6.13), probably should
> be obsoleted entirely

Yeah, they can probably go.

> Are these scripts obsolete? Have they been removed from the source? 
> If they're still in use - what do they do?

"in use" is kind of arbitrary. They're good starting points for doing upgrades or system config changes.  They certainly don't get used by everyone every day, and they may not be correct.


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