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Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Mon Mar 9 16:10:16 EDT 2015

On 2015-03-09 14:05, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> And we're up to date!
> Present: Ken, Ellie, Jeroen, Bron - small group today!
> New changes:
> * BDB removed from tree entirely - YAY

As a matter of process, our ace needed not to do the work, rather just 
approve the proposed change. There's mere mortals like myself that can 
run in a couple of circles and do the various tidbits.

> It's easy to build docker images just given a COMMIT (actually ref) -
> so we can do integration tests on the 2.5 tree too.

Rephrase: Run Docker containers based on the images we distribute. 
Environment variables are the key, and they're documented at:


This makes it *WAY EASY* for RPM aficionado's to run APT* systems, and 
vice-versa, including unit and functional tests.

I hope the documentation is clear but I love it being Docker containers 
-- no going through an installer any longer, no nurturing any VMs you 
want to keep around because you've fiddled with them to get them to 

> Will be easier with committer privs - Ellie given privs to write
> directly to git.c.f trees.  In general, be liberal with commit bit,
> and slap people who do bad things with it.  We can always revert code.


   * All committers are allowed to add new members to the committers 
groups they are a member of -- this way, it's a "by invitation" system 
of anyone already "blessed", and we can open up the generic "IMAP" 
project for *everyone* to join (and get the news and progress and alerts 
and such).

   * Committers should consider opting in to Reviewers. If you don't know 
what groups there are:


     "Reviewers" are the ones being spammed with approval requests like 
the ones submitted to "Differential" [1].

   * Even though one may be a "committer", the use of "Differential" [1] 
is still available -> "D6" [2] is one such example.

> Docs:
> * all manpages need attention - verbiage used.

I've submitted a "Pholio Mock" [3] in which I (attempt to) show how 
man-pages could potentially be generated from the online documentation. 
I'm afraid I have not yet found out how to generate online documentation 
from the (manually maintained by developers) man/* pages in the Cyrus 
IMAP git repository.

> * lib/imapoptions - generated imapd.conf.5 which includes all options,
> even those not compiled in.
>   -> again, I want to fix that by just not allowing so much
> conditional compilation dammit.  Go get the libs already.  Otherwise
> online docs are a pain, and users get confused if their distro didn't
> compile in something they want.

It is often not libs that are the problem, as may also be illustrated in 
the first "important" segment of the automatic mailbox creation feature 

That is to say, that this is not solely limited to `--with-ldap=/usr` 
building in ptclient/ldap.c, or even just the availability of an 

In general, we need to move to "what is available (on the system / in 
the build root), we'll use". But the conundrum is in suppressing 
lib/imapoptions resulting in all its options included in imapd.conf(5), 
along with those things that are not built in -- just like there's a 
conundrum in having "make check" skip any BDB tests if "./configure 
--with-bdb=no" was issued -- I know, BDB is the wrong example by now :P

> Next meeting is same time UTC and Melbourne:
> 2015-03-11T22:00:00Z
> (9am Thursday in Melbourne, 6pm now in US East)
> This is going to be getting late for Europe, so we'll talk again about
> what to do when Australia moves in a few weeks.

We both move positively toward one another for the northern hemisphere's 
summer -- your DST and ours gets you some 8 instead of some 10 hours 
ahead of us.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

[1] https://git.cyrus.foundation/differential/
[2] https://git.cyrus.foundation/D6
[3] https://git.cyrus.foundation/M1

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