Minutes 9 March

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 9 09:05:26 EDT 2015

And we're up to date!

Present: Ken, Ellie, Jeroen, Bron - small group today!

New changes:
* BDB removed from tree entirely - YAY
* Bron has been working on backporting and tidying the code that passes the struct index_record to all mappings of emails, allowing all the read cases at least to be abstracted easily, using the GUID to address messages potentially, rather than the NAME+UID.
* Lots of docker images now exist, with Cassandane built in, that successfully build and run the tests. 
* Jenkins will be configured to run docker images for tests if possible.  Will talk to Chris about it this week.

Bron wants to rewrite cyrus.header next: store everything in DLIST so it's easily extensible.  Store mailbox name in the cyrus.header so we can move to using UNIQUEID based filesystem paths and have fast atomic rename of mailboxes.

Need to create tickets for all these tasks.  Good tickets in Phabricator leads to good release notes!

Cyrus 2.5 - Ellie to take over maintaining tree, backporting commits as appropriate from master.

It's easy to build docker images just given a COMMIT (actually ref) - so we can do integration tests on the 2.5 tree too.

Will be easier with committer privs - Ellie given privs to write directly to git.c.f trees.  In general, be liberal with commit bit, and slap people who do bad things with it.  We can always revert code.

Bron TODO:
* write up minutes from previous meetings
* put roadmap items into Phabricator (by next meeting)
* include own tasks!

Bron added to #imap_reviewers group.
Phabricator has a notifcations server, which can allow OS notications from open web page.

* busy with other things for the last little bit, non Cyrus
* next goal: moving over to 2.5 and porting existing dev work!

* all manpages need attention - verbiage used.
* lib/imapoptions - generated imapd.conf.5 which includes all options, even those not compiled in.
  -> again, I want to fix that by just not allowing so much conditional compilation dammit.  Go get the libs already.  Otherwise online docs are a pain, and users get confused if their distro didn't compile in something they want.

Ken and Bron to meet Thursday US/Friday Melbourne to talk about porting the rest of CalDAV/CardDAV.

-  wants to remove --with-cyrus-dir.  As much as possible use standard options, easier for distributions, easier for everyone.  Remove complexity and custom things!  Good.

Next meeting is same time UTC and Melbourne:


(9am Thursday in Melbourne, 6pm now in US East)

This is going to be getting late for Europe, so we'll talk again about what to do when Australia moves in a few weeks.


  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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