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Ken Murchison murch at
Mon Sep 19 12:37:52 EDT 2011

+1 for RSS (obviously)

Dave McMurtrie wrote:
> Good day,
> We've been tasked by our management with providing RSS support in Cyrus. 
>   Fortunately, the Cyrus httpd server that was recently developed makes 
> this much less onerous of a task.
> The good news is that we're adding a new feature to Cyrus that I think 
> people will like.  Our motivation is to provide a method by which our 
> Exchange users may still make use of the many bulletin boards we offer 
> via our Cyrus IMAP service without the need to configure a separate 
> client.  Outlook has a perfectly functional RSS reader built in.
> The bad news is that we've been given a fairly limited amount of time to 
> roll this into production here at Carnegie Mellon University, which 
> means we won't have a ton of time to solicit feedback and share design 
> ideas with the rest of the Cyrus development community.  Even in 
> speaking with Bron over IRC, I know there are some things he'd like to 
> see in our code that will definitely not be there for the initial 
> roll-out.  I think we can deal with this by getting a barebones 
> implementation in place for our December production date, and then we 
> can improve on it over time with community feedback.
> The other issue that we need to address is which version this will 
> ultimately be released with.  It will simplify our work if Ken can 
> develop for the 2.4 codebase, so that's likely the route we're going to 
> take.  We don't have CalDAV listed on the roadmap until 2.6, but the RSS 
> code is based on the work Ken already did for CalDAV support. 
> Essentially, to make RSS available, we're going to be using an httpd 
> server that has WebDAV and CalDAV extensions built in. Full calendar 
> support is not going to be ready by December, 2011 when the RSS code is 
> ready.  Should this eventually be part of a 2.4.x release?  Should it 
> wait until 2.5 or 2.6?  Should we (CMU) keep this as a separate branch 
> for now?
> Finally, we need to get this item added to the Cyrus Roadmap.  As a 
> member of the community at large, I'm proposing that we add RSS support 
> to Cyrus.  Can we get a vote by the core developers and the governance 
> board?  Please let me know if this shall be added to the roadmap and if 
> so, which version we can release it with.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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