MESSAGE quota resource implemention

Greg Banks gnb at
Mon Sep 19 00:26:15 EDT 2011

On 17/09/11 01:37, Julien Coloos wrote:
> As discussed here and on IRC, I rebased my commits with all the changes:
>   - the 'utility' methods have been promoted to 'command' ones, which
> are now generic and may (options hash) concern cyrus binaries
>   - the 'start_command_bg' method is now replaced by a 'background'
> option in 'run_command'
>   - dropped the 'mode' option, leaving only the 'redirects' one
>   - moved 'unpack' method from Cassandane::Unit::TestCase to
> Cassandane::Instance, leaving the tar utility determine itself the kind
> of the tar file
>     -> by default destination is the current cassandane instance base
> directory; alternatively one can specify a relative path -
> 'path/to/file' - to this directory, or an absolute path  - '/path/to/file'
>   - use the pre-existing 'user.cassandane' mailbox for quota upgrade tests
>   - fixed a few minor things (like avoiding short-life zombies by
> harvesting some cassandane dead children)
>   - refactored a few more stuff
>   - removed stuff that became unnecessary
> Hoping this will work out this time :)

Excellent work, thanks a lot.  I particularly like the refactoring in that allows the tests to express checks of reported quota
numbers in a way that's concise but not sensitive to the order reported
by the server.

I've pulled your changes and pushed them out to github and cmu.


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