SASL lib 2.1.24

Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Fri Sep 2 06:05:34 EDT 2011

Hi Torsten,
Sorry, I don't remember if I replied to that.

Torsten Schlabach wrote:

>3. Pre-sort the list of currently 26 patches in the Debian package for SASL lib 2.1.23 and identify those who are NOT Debian adjustments and provide them for review (what format?)  
diff is fine.

>I will happily work with Debian developers to get the 2.1.24 packaged so it may eventually show up on Debian backports for 6.0 as well as Ubuntu Natty backports and be included in Debian 7.0 / Ubuntu 11.10 hopefully.
>But this process can only start after the Cyrus project will have released 2.1.24. Before that the Debian / Ubuntu devleopers will not be interested in the subject. "New upstream release" is usually the trigger they need.
>But prior to releasing 2.1.24 it may indeed make sense to melt down the list of Debian patches. I guess they have been made for a reason.
>Are there any other open bugs / features / patches which would need to make it into 2.1.24?
I've just committed most of what I wanted to see in the next release to 
the HEAD. There are 2-3 minor build related things outstanding.

>I think there was some MaxOS stuff ...

>Is anyone keeping a list?
Not very formally. I have my private wish/todo list. I can share it with 
people if there is interest.

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