Issue with Emails being changed from UNREAD to READ with no explanation

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Tue Oct 18 06:53:42 EDT 2011

We (Pegasystems) are working with a customer who are using Cyrus 2.3.13 in production.

*         The application that we have built uses a listener process that polls an email account every 60 minutes.

*         All "UNREAD" emails are processed when the email listener starts

*         All "UNREAD" emails are then deleted when the listener process disconnects

*         Any new emails received during the time of the email listener is processing emails are somehow marked as "READ" when they have not been read or processed

*         For all subsequent instantiations of the email listener process the "READ" emails are not processed
Investigations undertaken

*         All debug code from the application has revealed that there are no java errors from the application or from the JavaMail API

*         No Pegasystems code or command is being issued that can change the status of the email from "UNREAD" to "READ
Are there any existing issues/bugs that match the symptoms detailed above in Cyrus post 2.3.13?

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