Tracking down a db4 error

Eric K Germann ekgermann at
Thu May 14 15:29:04 EDT 2009

Long time cyrus user, new to list.

I've been running 2.3.14 of imapd for a while now and I still get periodic
fatal region errors from lmtpunix.  However, I have no idea what db is

In imapd.conf, I've set about everything I can to skiplist, so I would
like to find out some way to see what db file it's whining about.  The
frequency is way down, so moving to skiplist has helped, but I'd like to
nail the final files if possible.


duplicate_db:           skiplist
tlscache_db:            skiplist
annotation_db:          skiplist
mboxlist_db:            skiplist
mboxkey_db:             skiplist
ptscache_db:            skiplist
seenstate_db:           skiplist
statuscache_db:         skiplist
subscription_db:        skiplist

Is there a way to have it log the filename it's choking on?



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