reconstruct changes

Brian Awood bawood at
Wed May 20 10:48:42 EDT 2009

We'd like to make some changes to reconstruct, but would like to get 
some feedback on them.  Attached is a diff of the changes. 
First we'd like to make -k the default behavior if delayed expunge is 
enabled.  Second, add a -w flag to warn about changes that would be 
made to a mailbox, similar to ctl_mboxlist -w.  Third, add -e to 
enable indexing un-indexed messages to a new cyrus.expunge rather 
than putting them into the cyrus.index file.  -e can be useful when a 
expunge file isn't verifiable or corrupted and you don't want a large 
number of deleted messages to reappear in a users mailbox.  

Brian Awood
University of Michigan
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