CONDSTORE and replication

Ken Murchison murch at
Thu May 14 08:06:01 EDT 2009

I knew that changing only \Seen with CONDSTORE had consequences  :)

I think your addition to the replication protocol makes sense.

Bron Gondwana wrote:
> We've enabled CONDSTORE on an entire "Store" here at FastMail
> to get an idea of what's involved in supporting it.  (it's the
> store that the FastMail staff are on, so we're testing it on
> ourselves first!)
> So - there's a problem where \Seen changes are not causing the
> modseq information to be replicated.  I think the following
> patch fixes the issue (need to run sync_client on all users
> who are currently not in sync, then leave things running for
> a bit to make sure), but there is a downside.
> Each time you set a \Seen flag (including just viewing a
> message without using .PEEK), it will cause the entire
> mailbox metadata to be:
> a) read from disk
> b) copied across the wire
> That kind of sucks, even more than just the IO cost of
> writing a couple of bit64s to the index file (modseq
> in the record and highestmodseq in the header).  David,
> I've CC'd you on this to get your opinion on more
> fine-grained replication logging for metadata operations.
> sync_log_mailbox is a pretty heavy-weight flyswat for
> single record changes.
> I'm thinking something like
> sync_log_index(mailbox->name, uidrange), where uidrange
> contains a compressed range of UIDs (seen-db format)
> The sync_client would then just send a the correct values
> for:
> a) all header values (including highestmodseq, lastmodified,
>    uidnext, etc)
> b) all values within just the listed index records, which
>    would overwrite the records for the same UID in the
>    target mailbox, unconditionally.
>    (b1) modulo our "if the GUIDs don't match then log the
>         issue and don't update the record at all" logic here
>         at FastMail to avoid destroying delivered messages
>         after a hard-failover, of course....
> What do you think?  Sane?  I suspect it's a bit of work, but
> it would reduce traffic a fair bit.  Probably wouldn't help
> with IO though, since every index file algorithm seems to be
> linear search based.
> Bron.
> diff --git a/imap/imapd.c b/imap/imapd.c
> index acddf31..365df80 100644
> --- a/imap/imapd.c
> +++ b/imap/imapd.c
> @@ -4564,7 +4564,7 @@ void cmd_store(char *tag, char *sequence, int usinguid)
>  	/* We only need to log a MAILBOX event if we've changed
>  	   a flag other than \Seen */
> -	if (storeargs.system_flags || nflags ||
> +	if (storeargs.system_flags || nflags || (imapd_mailbox->options & OPT_IMAP_CONDSTORE) ||
>  	    storeargs.operation == STORE_REPLACE) {
>  	    sync_log_mailbox(imapd_mailbox->name);
>  	}

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Carnegie Mellon University

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