"Cyrus IMAP4" to "Cyrus IMAP" accidental change of greeting?

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 2 18:39:10 EDT 2009

> I do not know if there is a different test method that could answer this
> question. It is not feasable to try to set the annotation on a  test 
> folder for each connection IMO. So best would be if there would be a 
> or so capability.

I think you misread that.

Ken said:

> GETANNOTATION <mboxname> "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen" "value"
> If you get an empty response, then no shared seen state.  Otherwise, the
> value will tell you if its enabled on the given mailbox.

You don't need to "set the annotation", you just need to see if the 
annotation exists by using GETANNOTATION. Note that there's a difference 
between getting back a value (whether true/false) vs getting nothing back. 
If you get back a value at all, then it's supported, if you get nothing 
back, then it isn't.

Since INBOX is always guarnateed to exist as a folder, you can do:

tag GETANNOTATION INBOX "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen" "value"

And see if you get a response back or not.


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