"Cyrus IMAP4" to "Cyrus IMAP" accidental change of greeting?

Ken Murchison murch at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Apr 2 17:51:14 EDT 2009

We could add a X-SHAREDSEEN capability, letting clients know that the 
server has the functionality, but its still a per-mailbox option.

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 1. April 2009 13:46:16 schrieb Ken Murchison:
>> I don't recall if this change was intentional or accidental, 
> Okay, I just wanted to point it out.
>> but I  wouldn't recommend trying to use any free-form banner information to
>> determine a server's capability.  In fact, some Cyrus servers might not
>> even include "Cyrus" in the banner if folks turn the "serverinfo" option
>> off.
> I know this is suboptimal, but still some clients might still do it.
>> The proper way to detect the presence of shared seen state is the
>> following (don't forget that shared seen state is per-mailbox):
>> If not present, then no shared seen state.
>> Otherwise,
>> GETANNOTATION <mboxname> "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen" "value"
>> If you get an empty response, then no shared seen state.  Otherwise, the
>> value will tell you if its enabled on the given mailbox.
> This would answer the wrong question, we want to detect if the server is able 
> to run in shared seen state. if it does we can offer a configuration option, 
> otherwise we do not. 
> I do not know if there is a different test method that could answer this 
> question. It is not feasable to try to set the annotation on a  test folder 
> for each connection IMO. So best would be if there would be a SHAREDSEEN
> or so capability.
>> Bernhard Reiter wrote:
>>> Just saw that between 2.3.11 and 2.3.12 the greeting changed to not
>>> include the "4" of "IMAP4" anymore.
>>> https://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/src/cyrus/imap/imapd.c
>>> .diff?r1=1.545;r2=1.547;f=h The log message indicate no rational of this
>>> change, is it indentional?
>>> (The second commit fixed a typo that "POP3" was in there, so it does look
>>> like a typo indeed.)
>>> Ken, both commits are from you. :)
>>> I detected this change because we wanted to detect if there is the
>>> ability to have shared seen flags in KDE Kontact enterprise and our regex
>>> contained "IMAP4", thus we've noticed the change.
>>> We'll change the regex, this kind of change should not happen without a
>>> reason I guess.
>>> (Even better would be to have a capability or so or a better way of
>>> detecting the existance of the shared seen flags annotation switch. :) )
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Bernhard

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Carnegie Mellon University

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