Two bug fix patches

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Sep 14 03:18:11 EDT 2007

>> Eventually worked out that if a message is delivered by LMTP to several
>> recipients, then the first recipient gets a correct ENVELOPE, but all the 
>> following recipients get an lcase()ed version. The reason is that 
>> append_fromstage() in 2.3 reuses the "struct body" calculated for the 
>> first recipient. Unfortunately there are some lcase() calls in the middle 
>> of message_write_cache() which overwrite fields in that structure.
>> The incorrect cyrus.cache entries are replicated as is by sync_client 
>> "UPLOAD PARSED", so master and replica are typically both incorrect.
> I'm running a mailstore with patch for  uuidmode: md5.
> Should I worry?  It seems to me I should.

I don't think so. This only affects cache records. Our uuidmode patch only 
calculates the md5 for the message body. The "make_md5" David mentioned is a 
completely separate script he runs and maintains to calculate the md5's of 
messages and stores the values separately to the existing cyrus structures.

At least I believe that's the case, I'm sure David will comment.


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