cyrus 2.3.9 + cyr_expire + Thunderbird 2 -> Crash

Ken Murchison murch at
Thu Oct 11 13:18:06 EDT 2007

Florian G. Pflug wrote:
> Hi
> When I setup annotiation on mailboxes (like Junk, Trash, ..) to have 
> cyr_expire
> remove messages older than x days, Thunderbird stops responding when I 
> try to
> open the folder after cyr_expire has run.
> I just wanted to check if anybody else has seen this, and might have 
> figured out
> a cause, before I go investigating myself...
> BTW - is there a way to tell cyrus to log all IMAP commands it receives? 
> Current
> I plan to analyze this with etherreal, but maybe there is an easier 
> solution.

Create the directory <configdir>/log/<userid> owned by the cyrus user, 
and all protocol traffic will be logged for the given userid

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