cyrus moving mails with a MUA

Peter Hamtal torgan at
Thu Dec 14 02:11:02 EST 2006

Andreas Winkelmann wrote:
> Am Thursday 14 December 2006 06:47 schrieb Peter Hamtal:
> Hmm, why do you want to change the Permissions in the Cyrus-Imapd Spool?

I´m running amavis on the mailserver and need to change the permission,
so that the amavis user can run sa-learn on the folder SPAM to update
its bayes.db.
Im  putting not recognized SPAM to that folder.
Amavis is running through a cronjob sa-learn on the SPAM folder and
though update the bayes database.

The bayes database is in the amavis home-Folder: /var/amavis/.spamassassin/
with permission 600; user: amavis, group: amavis.

amavis is in the group mail

the cyrus imap folders are set to following user and group:
user: amavis
group: mail

Well i could run:
sa-learn --dbpath  /var/amavis/.spamassassin/ --spam

Is it a security risk to set the Cyrus-Imap folders permission to 650 ?


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