cyrus moving mails with a MUA

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Thu Dec 14 01:29:03 EST 2006

Am Thursday 14 December 2006 06:47 schrieb Peter Hamtal:

> > This is what the debugging log shows:
> >
> > <1166074030<DONE
> >
> >> 1166074030>14 OK Completed
> >
> > <1166074030<16 uid copy 734 "INBOX.SPAM"
> >
> >> 1166074030>16 OK [COPYUID 1166071366 734 4] Completed
> >
> >                                           ^^ Is this the permission
> > setting ? If then why is it set to __4__ ?
> My fault this is not the permisssion rights !!! It can´t be.

The UID means "Unique ID" and has nothing to do with Permissions. In your 
case, you copy the Message with ID 734 to the Folder "INBOX.SPAM".

The Response means the Destination Folder with the Unique ID 
"1166071366" ("INBOX.SPAM") gets the Message "734" from the Old Folder and it 
is created in the new Folder with the ID "4".



4.3. COPYUID response code

   Successful COPY and UID COPY commands return a COPYUID response code
   in the tagged OK response whenever at least one message was copied.
   The COPYUID response code contains as an argument the UIDVALIDITY of
   the appended-to mailbox, a message set containing the UIDs of the
   messages copied to the destination mailbox, in the order they were
   copied, and a message containing the UIDs assigned to the copied
   messages, in the order they were assigned.  Neither of the message
   sets may contain extraneous UIDs or the symbol '*'.

   If the server does not support the UIDPLUS capability, the client can
   only discover this information by selecting the destination mailbox
   and issuing FETCH commands.

   Example:    C: A003 COPY 2:4 MEETING
               S: A003 OK [COPYUID 38505 304,319:320 3956:3958] Done
               C: A003 UID COPY 305:310 MEETING
               S: A003 OK Done

5.   Formal Syntax

   The following syntax specification uses the augmented Backus-Naur
   Form (BNF) notation as specified in [RFC-822] as modified by [IMAP4].
   Non-terminals referenced but not defined below are as defined by

   Except as noted otherwise, all alphabetic characters are case-
   insensitive.  The use of upper or lower case characters to define
   token strings is for editorial clarity only.  Implementations MUST
   accept these strings in a case-insensitive fashion.

   resp_code_apnd  ::= "APPENDUID" SPACE nz_number SPACE uniqueid

   resp_code_copy  ::= "COPYUID" SPACE nz_number SPACE set SPACE set

   uid_expunge     ::= "UID" SPACE "EXPUNGE" SPACE set


> > Where do i find some hints for the debugging log and how to read it ?

In the Telemetry Logs you see the IMAP-Conversation between Client and Server. 
This should all be descibed in the RFCs. 

> Still to know where to get infos, how to read the debug log.
> > <1166074030<17 uid store 734 +FLAGS (\Deleted \Seen)
> >
> >> 1166074030>* 151 FETCH (FLAGS (\Deleted \Seen Junk) UID 734)
> >
> > 17 OK Completed
> >
> > imapd.conf is setting umask like this:
> > umask: 027

Hmm, why do you want to change the Permissions in the Cyrus-Imapd Spool?



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