[SIGBOVIK] SIGBOVIK 2018 Call For Papers (Date Changed!)

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Mon Feb 12 13:51:07 EST 2018

In observation of Good Friday and the first night of Passover, SIGBOVIK—a
conference different from all other conferences—has been rescheduled to
March 29.


To All Students, Faculty, Staff and Sentient AIs:

The twelfth annual SIGBOVIK conference will take place at Carnegie Mellon
University on *Thursday, March 29, 2018 [new date!]* in Rashid Auditorium
(GHC 4401). The Special Interest Group on Harry Q. Bovik is a multidisciplinary
conference dedicated to lesser-known research areas neglected by mainstream
conferences, such as:

   - Complexity practice,
   - Highlight syntaxing,
   - Multi-armed philanthropists,
   - Connotational semantics,
   - Science computers,
   - Data of unusual size,
   - And many more!

The submission deadline is March 4. Everyone is encouraged to submit,
of affiliation, discipline, rationality, or goodwill. Authors of accepted
papers are encouraged (but not required) to give a five-minute presentation
of their work.

Further disinformation is available at our website:


To keep up with our announcements, subscribe to our low-traffic mailing


If you have no idea what’s going on:

SIGBOVIK is an evening of tongue-in-cheek academic presentations. If we have
a goal, it’s to poke fun at our fields and provide a venue for silly ideas
with (often but not always) serious executions. SIGBOVIK has both a
published proceedings and live talks, and everyone is welcome to participate
in either or both of these. All subjects are welcome, although be advised
that the primary audience is computer scientists. The best way to get a
feel for SIGBOVIK is to look at our past proceedings, which you can find at
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