[SIGBOVIK] SIGBOVIK 2017 Deadline Extension

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Sat Mar 4 13:36:20 EST 2017

Friends of the ACH,

It has come to our attention that many of you are rushing to complete
your submissions by tomorrow's inconveniently close deadline. However,
great research can't be rushed and SIGBOVIK accepts only the greatest
research. To give you a chance to make your submissions really great,

                   ***Friday, 10 March 2017***

If you have already submitted a paper, this provides you with nearly a
week to submit a second (or third!) one. If you haven't started your
paper yet, this provides you with nearly a week to submit one! Please
see our website[0] and call for papers[1] for details.

We look forward to your submissions!

PS: Due to mis-frobnicated knobs on our submissions website, it was not
accepting submissions. We frobbed them and are now (truly) accepting
submissions. Please let us know if you are still having difficulties

[0] http://www.sigbovik.org/2017/
[1] https://lists.andrew.cmu.edu/pipermail/sigbovik-announce/2017/000089.html
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