[SIGBOVIK] Hack Session Saturday, 2/22, 2-6pm

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Mon Feb 17 16:01:37 EST 2014

Thank you to all who came to the last hack session and searched with us. 
However, to do proper research, we must search once more. We will 
therefore hold a second hack session, this coming Saturday, *February 
22* at *2:00 pm* in *GHC 8115.**

*If you didn't come to the first hack session, you are more than welcome 
to attend this one to search, and then research at a later date.

We are also pleased to announce a revolutionary mechanism by which paper 
topics can be redistributed from each according to their creativity to 
each according to their free time [1]. Just go to this Google Doc: 
If you have ideas for more papers than you have time to write, leave 
some there. If you want to write a paper but need an idea, take one from 
the list and cross it out and/or put your name next to it.

[1] Angiuli, K., Engels, F.: Redistributive version control systems. In 
SIGBOVIK '13: Conference of the ACH Special Interest Group on Harry Q. 
Bovik. ACH (2013)

The SIGBOVIK 2014 Organizing Committee
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