[SIGBOVIK] Hack Session Tomorrow, 2/8, 12-5pm

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Fri Feb 7 11:57:46 EST 2014

Hello friends of the ACH,

Harry Q. Bovik has asked me to remind you all of the SIGBOVIK hack 
session tomorrow, February 8, from 12:00-5:00 PM in GHC 8115.

Since careful, high-quality research takes time and the submission 
deadline is one month from today, this will give prospective authors a 
chance to get a head start on their submissions. In addition, I should 
point out that there is a strong correlation between attending hack 
sessions and having submissions accepted to SIGBOVIK. In past years, 
nearly 100% of hack session attendees have had their SIGBOVIK 
submissions accepted (*).

We hope to see you there!

(*) not shown: acceptance rate of non-attendees. Remember, correlation 
does not imply causation. Please use statistics responsibly. Don't drink 
and derive.

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