[SIGBOVIK] First Paper Hack Session and Submission Deadline

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Fri Feb 24 21:39:24 EST 2012

this is a reminder that the first paper hacking session will be
TOMORROW, saturday the 25th, in GHC 6121, from noon until dinner!

show up to do all the research you've been putting off because it's too
good for "real" conferences.

call 812 764 0395 if you have trouble getting in the building or up to
the 6th floor.

harry b.

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On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 11:29:55PM -0500, SIGBOVIK Announcements wrote:
> Esteemed researchers,
> Just as the SIGBOVIK conference comes up, so too do the submission
> deadlines. The first deadline for SIGBOVIK is:
>    **** Monday, March 5 ****
> Fear not, however, for we will be having a paper hacking session the
> previous weekend to motivate you to put your work together! The hack
> session will be:
>    **** Saturday, February 25 ****
> in GHC 6121 from noon until dinnertime (and we'll remind you again
> closer to the date). As always, you can find the submission form for
> papers at tinyurl.com/sigboviks12 .
> -- HB, on behalf of the SIGBOVIK Motivational Subcommittee

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