[SIGBOVIK] SIGBOVIK Calls Out For Your Papers!

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Wed Feb 15 16:53:58 EST 2012

The First Sixth Anniversary SIGBOVIK Celebratory Conference is open for
submissions of excellent, well-researched, and high quality papers!

If you would like to submit right this moment and don't think you can hold
it, quick, click! tinyurl.com/sigboviks12

For the rest of you who aren't quite ready to submit, feel free to view
sigbovik.org for examples of past works. When the specific sub page for
this year's conference up, you will be alerted.

Please note that real actual contact information is required with all
submissions. Any pseudonyms or similar used in the actual publication will
be used in the conference presentations.

Research papers should be original and as of yet not published. In
general, under 15 pages is a good goal, although this is not a strict
limit. Submissions will fit on 8.5x11 sheets of paper. Anything to augment
the paper (blackboard illustrations, videos, posters) may be acceptable if
it is convenient.

If you got this e-mail by way of a forward and would like to be added to
the announcement dlist OR if you are interested in helping to call the
shots for next year, please send an email to
sigbovik-org at lists.andrew.cmu.edu.

Research away!

--Harry Q. Bovik

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