[SIGBOVIK] First Paper Hacking Session TODAY 1pm-ish

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Sat Mar 6 09:08:51 EST 2010

The previous email did not include the start time for the Paper
Hacking Session and Plenary Program Committee Meeting. Apologies!

WHAT: SIGBOVIK Paper Hacking Session and Plenary Program Committee Meeting
WHO: All prospective or actual paper authors, reviewers, and
participants. Also, people that like pizza.
WHEN: Scheduled start time is 1pm today. Fashionably late arrivals
should be scheduled for 1:30 or 2.
WHERE: GHC Room 4405 Raj Reddy Auditorium
HOW: I dunno, take the bus?

The first deadline extension will be announced later today, as well as
a second paper hacking session next weekend.

 - The SIGBOVIK Committee on Correcting Omissions in Previous Emails

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 11:47 AM, SIGBOVIK Announcements
<sigbovik-announce at lists.andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:
> The first Plenary Program Committee Meeting for the
> finishing/writing/starting/brainstorming of papers for SIGBOVIK 2010
> is scheduled for THIS SATURDAY, March 6 (i.e. the first paper
> deadline!), in the Gates Hillman Center's Room 4405 (i.e. the Raj
> Reddy Auditorium).
> IMPORTANT REMINDER: Yesterday was optionally the last day to
> optionally submit an optional abstract before the abstract submission
> deadline, which is an optional deadline. While we haven't admitted yet
> that the next deadline is also optional, but you should go ahead and
> write your papers anyway.
> ---
> Call for Papers
> The Fourth Annual Intercalary Workshop about Symposium on Robot Dance
> Party of Conference in Celebration of Harry Q. Bovik's 2^6th Birthday
> A.K.A. SIGBOVIK 2010
> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, April 1, 2010
> http://sigbovik.org/2010
> Conference Scope
> ================
> SIGBOVIK celebrates the inestimable research work of Harry Q. Bovik.
> Since his research has been so variegated, the conference is
> traditionally a forum for discussion on many subjects: Inept Expert
> Systems, Deep Space Navigation, Science, Perplexity Theory,
> Thaughmaturgic Circle, Self-Adjusting Computation, Denotational
> Semantics of Pidgin and Creole, Advanced Technology in a Magical and
> Revolutionary Device at an Unbelievable Price, Evolution Styles, State
> Dominance, Regret-Minimizing Algorithms, Colored Petri Nets, Natural
> Intelligence, Artificial Stupidity, Elbow Macaroni, Rasterized Love
> Triangles, Synergistic Hyperparadigmatism, Computational
> Archaeolinguistics, Hyper Driven Devices, and any other topic approved
> by the conference organizers. The Program Committee seeks submissions
> on the entire range of topics.
> Authors of accepted manuscripts will be allowed (but not required to
> use) twenty minutes to present their work. Any unusual requirements,
> such as additional time/antitime or special equipment, can and should
> be arranged through the organizers at info AT sigbovik DOT org. We
> will also accept prerecorded talks.
> Submission Details
> ==================
> All papers must describe original, previously unpublishable research.
> Original! The whole "painstakingly TeX formatted Wikipedia article"
> thing has probably run its course. There is not a strict page limit,
> but papers should generally not exceed 15 pages. Submissions should be
> in the 8.5x11 sheet of paper style, and may be submitted via the
> EasyChair submission system, available at
> http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=sigbovik10.
> Please provide legitimate contact information to EasyChair; the
> name(s) listed on the paper itself, not the contact information
> provided to EasyChair, will be used for the purposes of the
> conference, which allows anonymous/pseudonymous publication.
> Important Dates
> ===============
> Optional Abstract Optional Submission Optional Deadline - March 0
> Writing an abstract, submitting it, and doing so before the deadline
> are all optional (but encouraged) activities.
> First Submission Deadline: March 6
> Conference: Thursday, April 1, 5pm in the Rashid Auditorium, Gates
> Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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