[SCA-Dance] Dance classes at Pennsic -- deadline May 1!

Karen Veale syrcin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 19:54:45 EDT 2018

Hi dancers,

For those of you attending Pennsic this year, here is your reminder that
the deadline for submitting classes is swiftly approaching! It is always
May 1, which is in *9 days* (next Tuesday).

We are always happy to have new Pennsic teachers, and we will help with
whatever you need.

If you've taught before, everything is still working the same way. Bring
out your classes! There are plenty of students who haven't taken them.

If you're a musician, or would like to be, you are welcome to many of the
dance band pits in the evenings, and often for classes during the day.

Check out https://pennsicdance.aands.org/ for information (well, please
wait a day or two, I owe Greg some content... but it's coming and I want
you to have the link handy).

I haven't scheduled the faculty social yet, but we'll have one. Anyone is
invited -- this is a chance both for me to say thanks to those who make the
dance tent a worthwhile place to be, and for people in the community to get
to know each other and make connections. So please come!

This year's ball theme is "Birds & Beasts"... or is it "Beasts & Birds"?
I'll figure that out, but in the meantime, I'm looking forward to new and
returning balls this year.

Thanks for your attention, all! And thank you to the volunteers.

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