[SCA-Dance] The 2017 Dance Season!

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 11:47:29 EST 2017

A New Season of Dance Begins!  Lots of info below on upcoming Dance Events,
on Step Spritely in particular, and on the Known World Dance and Music

NOTE:  Many events are coming up this season, so get your schedules ready!
And please let Jane or I know if there are other events to add to our SCA
Dance Google Calendar (unofficial).

If that link doesn't work above, you can "ad a friend's calendar", but use
this email address as the "friend":
SCAdanceevents at gmail.com

Now, back to my initial Advertisement:  Ealdormere would once again like to
welcome all to
*Step Spritely: Baby Dancer or Baby Musician?*
Feb 18, 2017 - Ontario, Canada

This year, Lynnette and I are honoured to be able to host a Ball Set for
our Expecting New Son due in March.  We don't know yet if he will be a
Dancer, or a Musician, but if we're lucky, he will be Both.  :)

Step Spritely's Ball will also feature a set of all Singing.  And of course
the daytime will include 2-3 class tracks, so everyone will find a neat
class of interest, such as Contrapasso Da Farsi in Tutti I Modi, or Il
Papa, or a discussion of Swedish Sword Dances!

And Accommodations can be arranged.  Much fun will be had!

After Step Spritely on Feb 18 in Ontario, Canada, here are a few key Dance
Events to keep on your calendars:
Black Rose Ball 40 - March 3-5 - Rhode Island
Gulf Wars - March 11-19 - Mississippi
Terpsichore at the Tower XXIII - April 1 - Michigan
Grand Pageant - April 8 - Indiana

and of course Sonya Flicker (Patches) and the Barony of Storvik are hosting
Known World Dance and Music Symposium XII - June 15-18 - Maryland

Should be an amazing event all hosted in one hotel  (so all the fun and
convenience we had in Indiana).  Many tracks of Music, Dance, and Middle
Eastern Dance, along with plans for Guest Teachers.  I believe Pre-Reg will
be open shortly, so get your *Class Ideas *together and contact:
Baron Stefan of Cambion, OP
lanhamlaw at att.net

Stefan is coordinating Classes.  You should also be able to submit through
the kwds website.  So get your ideas / proposals together, and let's make
this KWDMS awesome!

*Class Deadline *is planned for *Mid-April*!  Remember, it takes time to
format and print class notes and such, so get your classes in Now!  :)

Thanks everyone!  Yay Dancing!
*I'm just helping get the word out for KWDS.  I know Patches and crew would
love it if Everyone could spread the word at their local events.  What
makes KWDS so awesome is all the Awesome People who attend, and that
especially includes You!  :)

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