[SCA-Dance] The 2017 Dance Season!

Maureen Wilder gsmwilder at aol.com
Mon Jan 30 16:11:16 EST 2017

Hi Darius!

There's an event this Sat the 4th, Northsheild's Tacky Garb Ball in Stoughton, Wi. I'm going. Yay dancing!


> On Jan 30, 2017, at 11:47 AM, David Learmonth via Sca-dance <sca-dance at sca-dance.org> wrote:
> A New Season of Dance Begins!  Lots of info below on upcoming Dance Events,
> on Step Spritely in particular, and on the Known World Dance and Music
> Symposium!
> NOTE:  Many events are coming up this season, so get your schedules ready!
> And please let Jane or I know if there are other events to add to our SCA
> Dance Google Calendar (unofficial).
> https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=scadanceevents%40gmail.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York&pli=1
> If that link doesn't work above, you can "ad a friend's calendar", but use
> this email address as the "friend":
> SCAdanceevents at gmail.com
> Now, back to my initial Advertisement:  Ealdormere would once again like to
> welcome all to
> *Step Spritely: Baby Dancer or Baby Musician?*
> Feb 18, 2017 - Ontario, Canada
> https://www.facebook.com/events/1607823012858683/
> http://steps.gyges.org/
> This year, Lynnette and I are honoured to be able to host a Ball Set for
> our Expecting New Son due in March.  We don't know yet if he will be a
> Dancer, or a Musician, but if we're lucky, he will be Both.  :)
> Step Spritely's Ball will also feature a set of all Singing.  And of course
> the daytime will include 2-3 class tracks, so everyone will find a neat
> class of interest, such as Contrapasso Da Farsi in Tutti I Modi, or Il
> Papa, or a discussion of Swedish Sword Dances!
> And Accommodations can be arranged.  Much fun will be had!
> After Step Spritely on Feb 18 in Ontario, Canada, here are a few key Dance
> Events to keep on your calendars:
> Black Rose Ball 40 - March 3-5 - Rhode Island
> Gulf Wars - March 11-19 - Mississippi
> Terpsichore at the Tower XXIII - April 1 - Michigan
> Grand Pageant - April 8 - Indiana
> and of course Sonya Flicker (Patches) and the Barony of Storvik are hosting
> the:
> Known World Dance and Music Symposium XII - June 15-18 - Maryland
> http://www.kwds.org/
> https://www.facebook.com/events/1782483108705586/
> Should be an amazing event all hosted in one hotel  (so all the fun and
> convenience we had in Indiana).  Many tracks of Music, Dance, and Middle
> Eastern Dance, along with plans for Guest Teachers.  I believe Pre-Reg will
> be open shortly, so get your *Class Ideas *together and contact:
> Baron Stefan of Cambion, OP
> lanhamlaw at att.net
> Stefan is coordinating Classes.  You should also be able to submit through
> the kwds website.  So get your ideas / proposals together, and let's make
> this KWDMS awesome!
> *Class Deadline *is planned for *Mid-April*!  Remember, it takes time to
> format and print class notes and such, so get your classes in Now!  :)
> Thanks everyone!  Yay Dancing!
> Darius
> *I'm just helping get the word out for KWDS.  I know Patches and crew would
> love it if Everyone could spread the word at their local events.  What
> makes KWDS so awesome is all the Awesome People who attend, and that
> especially includes You!  :)
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