[SCA-Dance] Furioso?

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Wed Apr 5 15:34:58 EDT 2017

Furioso, Caroso, 1581.

Translation at http://jducoeur.org/IlBallarino/Book2/Furioso.html
MusicoOn Musica Subterranea green (Incantare)

I saw it at Terpsichore at the Tower 23 this last weekend, and I found
it striking.  For one thing, it looks (at least in that version, as
reconstructed by Sion Andreas) rather more like English Country than
others, so the local group may like it.

But looking at that translation, I wonder about a few aspects, and
whether we could get away with any variations.  Specifically, I wonder
about the reconstruction of men's hey / women's hey, when the source
seems to say it's handed heys done simultaneously, or possibly a
circular or U-shaped hey for all?  Also, I think the big circle in 8
represe would be a hard sell, but "in place of which they are also
able to do 8 Seguiti spezzati in the wheel" would be easier.

Anyone know about this dance?
Does it have some popularity?
How solid is the reconstruction / interpretation of the Italian original?

(I think I'd like a conversation about whether, in general, local
variation is bad or otherwise to be avoided, but I'd rather not do
that in this thread.)

Daniel Delindquist
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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