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I will say that, for the northern part of Ansteorra, 16th century dances have never been much of a factor at all. I can remember no classes being offered on such dances nor any dance at a ball. Not to say it may not have occurred, but it made no lasting impact upon either the hard-core or social dancers. 

Vashti did attend several wInterkingdoms where she taught dance, but I don't remember any 16thc Italian. Central/Southern/Coastal regions may have been different. Vashti & Katrina of Iron Mountain were the big influences of northern Ansteorra.

Estrill Swet

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Here is a question for the old timers - How did 16th century dances (Caroso & Negri dances, like Gracca Amorosa) get started in Ansteorra? Was Vashti of the Flaming Tresses the first one to introduce them, or do they go back further in the kingdom?

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