[SCA-Dance] An Interesting Welsh tune list from 1595

Aaron Macks upelluri at gmail.com
Mon May 18 13:40:46 EDT 2015

If anyone is more interested in that source, Sally Harper published a
massive article on it in 2005 in the Royal Musical Association's
Research Chronicle ( #38, pp45-98).  It includes a complete rundown on
the people involved with Lleweni and history, where possible, on the tunes


On 5/16/15 11:44 PM, Sarah Scroggie wrote:
> I just bumped into this list of tunes from  randomly searching "the shaking
> of the sheets" - I had not seen this before - so I thought all of you also
> might not have seen it -  and it has an extraordinary number of tune names
> that correspond to Playford tune names some 50 years later...
> http://heatherrosejones.com/welshfaqs/music.html#Playlist
>   Emma

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