[SCA-Dance] SCA Dance History Ball

Janet Scheltema hollyharpist at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 19 00:33:14 EST 2014

SCA Dance History
Please join us at Pennsic for the First, hopefully
annual,  SCA Dance History Ball!  
It is scheduled for Friday, August 1, from 8 to 10 in the Dance Tent.
Is there a dance that you loved but it isn’t danced? 
This ball will have dances that have been popular during
the 40 years of the SCA. 
Relive the old dance days and learn some new ones that
have some of the same elements.
Yay dancing!
Gwenllyen the Minstrel and Maximilian der Zauberer
Baroness and Baron of North Woods
Middle Kingdom
baronandbaroness at scanorthwoods.org
Please answer the following questions.  We will use the answers to create the ball
list!  Thank you!

Your name: 
How long have you been in the SCA?
What is your favorite dance and when do you remember
dancing it first?
What is the first dance you learned in the SCA? When and
where did you learn it?
What dances do you think we should include in this ball
and why?

What is your favorite dance story?

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