[SCA-Dance] Annual Dance Events List

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 00:31:20 EST 2014

Come to Canada (near Toronto) in February!  (we only promise an ice storm /
blizzard 2 out of 3 years for our event.  But this year is already looking
promising!)  :P

Feb 1st, 2014  Step Spritely

It tends to be sometime in early Feb, though normally a week later, but it
is early this year.

Out of towners are welcome to crash at our house, if you don't mind floor
space.  We slept around 15 or so people last year, and had extra fun with
Dance and Games at our house, and also a Sunday Afternoon session at a
rented Dance Studio just down the street from us, where we do some awesome
stuff for the dance geeks that are still here.  (last year Rosina ran an
advanced workshop, followed by some crazy dancing ECD creations from Jamie).

P.S.  We can't guarantee our extra time around the event, however people
often show up to our house as early as Thursday, and stay until Monday or
Tuesday.  You are welcome to as well, especially if it makes the weather
travelling better.
P.P.S.  I just checked your barony, and didn't realize that Ontario is
probably actually WARMER than Manitoba right now, so feel free to pack your
summer clothes.  :)

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