[SCA-Dance] Annual Dance Events List

Stephanie Smith sismith42 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 9 02:09:51 EST 2014

There are several in Drachenwald!
Harplestane (Edinburgh, Scotland) has Dance Moot at the end of January (traditionally the weekend closest to 20 January, making it my birthday event!, but it has been known to drift into Feb).
The Barony of Knights Crossing (Mistress Judith's home in Germany, best airport usually Frankfort Main) has Acadamia della Dansa, generally in March.
Yule Ball is in Flintheath (near Norwich, England) the first weekend of December every year.
I believe that Polderslot (Netherlands) and one of the shires in Sweden also have traditional dance events, but I can't put my finger on when/where.


On Wednesday, January 8, 2014 6:16 PM, Ian Martens <immartens at gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,

I would like to put together a list of regular dance events that I
could attend annually.  If your kingdom or area has a dance specific
event please let me know as I do not mind travelling and would like to
get involved in the dance community all over the knowne world.

Castel Rouge
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