[SCA-Dance] Teaching at St. Cecilia at the Tower (May 9-10)

Carol Perry Lagemann carolanneperry at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 15:02:14 EST 2014

Dear Potential Teacher,

St. Cecilia at the Tower III <http://cynnabar.org/cecilia/> is coming up
(on May 9-10 in the Barony of Cynnabar), and we're looking for teachers. We
hope you will be interested in teaching a class.

Because we want to offer the most helpful and interesting classes possible,
we conducted a survey of potential classgoers, asking what classes they
would most like to take at St. Cecilia. Based on the survey results, we
would most like to offer classes on the following topics:

   - Articulation and/or phrasing (practical approach)
   - Differences between pre-1650 music and contemporary music, and how to
   approach them
   - Ear training
   - European music before 1200
   - European music between 1200 and 1450
   - Guided music-making time
   - Helpful tips for arrangers or transcribers
   - History and/or influence of any specific group of performers or
   composers or theorists
   - Improvisation for pitched instruments or voice
   - In-depth look at some specific rhythmic (or harmonic or melodic
   or expressive) concept or school of musical thought
   - Introduction to pre-1650 thought about rhythm (or harmony or melody
   or expression)
   - Music for court and other SCA ceremonies
   - Northern European music before 1650
   - Period musical notation for beginners
   - Pre-1650 understanding of acoustics
   - Selecting music to arrange or study

Classes on these topics will be prioritized, but we are interested in
hearing proposals for any class about medieval or Renaissance music
(Western or non-Western) that you would like to teach. Classes will be 50
minutes long, and we will work with you to make sure you have the equipment
you need.

If you think you might want to teach at St. Cecilia, please respond to this
email with the following information:

   - What are your SCA name and title?
   - What classes are you able to teach? If you choose from the list above,
   it would be most helpful if you would give specifics about your class
   rather than copying and pasting the general description we gave. Please
   also list any other classes you can teach.
   - What classes would you enjoy teaching the most?

We would like to have plenty of time to create the schedule and work with
you to prepare your classes, so please respond to this email by March 15.

Thank you very much for your attention. St. Cecilia is a class-focused
event, and it absolutely would not exist without plenty of people who are
willing to share their time and energy to teach classes.

Yours in service,
Kasha Alekseeva
Co-Autocrat, St. Cecilia at the Tower

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