[SCA-Dance] Need assistance, please

Kathleen - Yahoo rignachargyll at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 10:19:26 EDT 2014

Hello Dance Masters,

I need some desperate help please. I need to help my Candidate for the
Madrone Sergeantry learn to Dance! This sounds pretty extreme, but she can
dance (line dancing) and I have some Dance Awards from back in the days of
the West. So :

For her demo:
1) Can someone email me the pattern of the steps to Graca Amoroso along with
the name or a link to the music. I may have the piece on a recording here
somewhere. I have danced this in the past for demos, so I can dust off the
skills with a bit of a prompt.

For her dance to teach:
2) Can someone recommend a simple-to-teach (she has to teach it) dance that
an Italian Courtesan would have known, along with music links, or name of
the piece. I think her persona is pretty late period 1550-1600ish.

We have four and a half months to learn the music and steps, so no time to

Lady Rignach of Argyll
Lancer of Madrone

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