[SCA-Dance] Dancing at non-dance events

Sonya patches023 at verizon.net
Tue Apr 29 22:43:50 EDT 2014


I would like to resurrect this topic with an update, not a good one I am
afraid.  A recent Atlantian event was short staffed a dance master (the
original dance master had a family crisis) so I went up to lead the dancing.
I thought, surely this time there will be dancing after the feast. Surely!
Because: 1) the feast was starting at 5-5:30, which is nice and early and 2)
the King is a big fan of dancing (at a recent fighting event he taught a
dance class for fighters).  Well, the site had such severe electrical
problems that the kitchen (which was primitive to begin with) was using
generators and the local electrical company sent out not vans but two big
trucks with cherry-pickers. So (say it with me) the feast started late and
ran long****. After feast everyone packed up to go home. No one was
interested in dancing. 

The thing is that on the surface it seems that non-dancers want dance at
events. It was on the schedule. The autocrat went out of her way to recruit
me.  They saved a feast spot for me and a friend.  The autocrat came up and
apologized afterwards, which I appreciated. 

YIS a rather dejected,

**** As I said in the original email on this subject, I know that it is
difficult to do a feast and that everyone is doing their best. I know that
for this feast the cook staff was working very hard and trying to overcome
many obstacles. I hope this post is not taken as a slam on the cooks or

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